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Default Handebar broke off - nasty cash

On 2019-08-07 18:24, AMuzi wrote:
On 8/7/2019 7:38 PM, John B. Slocomb wrote:
On Wed, 07 Aug 2019 08:05:45 -0700, Joerg

On 2019-08-06 16:20, John B. Slocomb wrote:


You say that a bicycle carries the rider and a modest amount of
barrage yet Frank frequently mentions his bicycle that carries both
himself and his wife and when I was in Vietnam the guys in the welding
shop built "a bicycle built for 5" and test rode it on the parking

I do not ride on parking ramps. I ride on trails a lot.

It hardly seems logical to compare a $24,000, 3.500 lb behemoth with a
bicycle but you do it all the time and than when someone argues you
start talking about tons of wood.


A bicycle carries _one_ rider (or a tandem two) and a modest amount of
luggage. Therefore, when a good bicycle costs $2k I expect it to be of
similar quality as mu SUV which has cost me $18k and can haul more than
10x the weight in terms of payload.

You certainly don't make much sense. Your "cheap" bike should be as
marvelous as your $24,000 auto? Simply more proof that you are
slanting your selections to prove your point.

As I said, the vehicle did not cost $24k. Secondly, do you not
understand how to _scale_ stuff? Car, five people. Bicycle, one person.
And so on.

For example, you want to own a "sedan" that can haul a half ton of
wood, and you seem to think that all your neighbors select this sort
of vehicle as a standard.

I had one of those, an Audi 100 station wagon. I bought it exactly for
that reason, because I often had to schlepp heavy lab equipment. Best of
all, it could do so at well north of 100mph (German autobahn) and
despite being a 1987 model with better fuel economy than my current 1997
Mitsubishi SUV.

Ridiculous. People that want to haul tons of firewood select trucks to
haul it.

No. Not if they need a multi-purpose vehicle.

... I might point out that I, or according to my wife "we" own a
sort of SUV thing that probably haul a half ton of cargo, but would my
wife allow that sort of bizarre business? Nope, she'd say Don't use my
car to haul wood, use your truck and in terms of maximum cargo that
the truck is capable of carrying, we are likely talking about tons of
cargo, not a paltry 1/2 ton.

What kind of truck do you have? 1-ton is the max for the really big
pickup trucks, most are 3/4-ton or 1/2-ton.

So based on your specification of carrying firewood my second hand
pickup is a far better selection that your $24,000 firewood hauler.

I seriously doubt that. I need a multi-purpose vehicle, just as I need
my bikes to be multi-purpose. Leisure rides as well as utility rides. I
have transported many heavy tube-type color TV sets on a bicycle when I
was young.



John B.

That's just crazy talk, like trying to explain that you can't put a
cargo rack on a race bike, a conversation I've engaged once or twice
myself. Reason is no match in that case either.

Exactly. I would never buy a bicycle with a frame that doesn't have
threaded eyelets or at least enough tube wall thickness and strength to
accept home-made rack clamps. The rack was my very first addition
immediately after riding home with my new road bike in 1982. The dealer
could not believe it, to him that was like mounting a trailer hitch to a
Porsche 911. A bicycle without a baggage rack isn't very useful to me.

Regards, Joerg

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