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On Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 3:00:58 PM UTC-7, James wrote:
On 12/8/19 4:09 am, Tom Kunich wrote:
I have some information on power development he

Using this information it appears that I'm making over 200 watts on a
good day.

I did 22 miles on Thursday with one long 6% climb and four over 5%
humps in an hour and 25 minutes. After a short break I continued into
a 25 knot wind right on the nose for another 6 miles and then a hard
climb up to 1,000 feet with up to 11% recorded max grade (though
these three hard grades measure 12% as often as hot.)

I got home with 42 miles and a riding time of 3 hrs and 22 minutes
and a total of 2,404 feet of climbing for an average speed of 12.2

I was wondering if my average speed was including my breaks so I
installed MapMyRide and checked my average speed that way. I got
pretty near the same average speed. This leaves me wondering how the
hell that people tell me that they do a flat ride that crosses about
20 stop lights and get an average speed of 17 mph.

Are you questioning whether people use a device that stops the clock
when they stop at lights or not?

I used to ride through city streets and on a typical 60 km ride would
stop more than 20 times, and my average speed was often around 32km/h
(20mph). My cycle computer stops the clock when I stop the bike.


Well using MapMyRide it appears to give me the same average speed as my cycling computers (several different brands). So how is it that I'm seeing averages of 12-14 mph and they all talk about 17 and 18 mph averages? Uphill they are generally faster until the last couple of rides. On the flats we are about the same speed. And downhill I'm so far gone that I have to wait 5 minutes at the top of the little HARD rise on the last hill into the city. 200 ft in a quarter mile. Not quite as hard as the top of Mt. Diablo but the steep part is twice as far.

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