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Default Recovery and Diet

On 2019-08-12 15:58, Tom Kunich wrote:
On Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 1:46:55 PM UTC-7,
On Sunday, August 11, 2019 at 10:00:57 PM UTC+2, Tom Kunich wrote:
Personal experience and Global Cycling News programming often
disagree as they have speaking about Ketone diets.

As it turns out, a weight loss diet and their idea of a Ketone
dirt are more or less the same thing. Protein and Fats and no

Since my wife has been trying to lose weight (and has been
successful) I've ended up eating GCN's sort of Ketone Diet.

It hasn't have any positive effect on my performance and I can
tell you that. Yet when I stop on a ride and have a coffee and a
sugar roll, I get not only a boost in performance but I feel a
lot better after the ride without the need to fall asleep in the
lounge chair before I can even put the bike away.

Now what this is telling me is that if you are on the Ketone Diet
your (or perhaps only my) liver simply cannot metabolize fat fast
enough to maintain a performance level, but the speed with which
I can metabolize carbohydrates is enough to hold my performance
levels (which, granted are only around 200 Watts on a good day)
for my normal rides of around 40-60 miles with a lot of

Now if we are talking a scant 10K I have generated as much as 400
watts over that distance a couple of times this year.

Even in the Pro peloton the effect of ketons is questioned. Best
and cheapest recovery drink is 0.5 liter of low fat choco drink: 2
third carbs and 1 third protein.

For me that would be a nice pint of Belgian Tripel 8-)

The pros seem to agree:

Again Tom 400 W is Pro level, even for 10 k miles. I set a new
personal record yesterday for a Strava segment here in my
neighborhood. Flat, no stop signs, almost no traffic and a moderate
tailwind: 5.53 km in 7min 23 sec; average speed 45 km/hr. Average
power of 259 Watt, measured with a power meter. Average heartbeat
of 167 bpm. Overall place 44 out of 4070. First place out of 207 in
this years classification in my age category: 55-64 yr. I am 62 y
old. So I'm above average and nowhere near 400 W for a shorter
distance. Again 400 Watt is Pro level.


That is faster than hell.

It is. Once I rode with a client/friend. He kept it around 25mph or
40km/h all the time. After about 25mins of this I had enough. My tongue
was on the handlebar and my heart was racing. I told him I'd continue on
my own and then put-putted home.

Four years ago with a good tailwind I did 5 miles (8 Km) a little
faster than that average and I had to come to a complete stop every
1/2 mile and wait for a stop light to change. Then accelerate up to
top speed again trying to get to the next light before it turned red
so that I would catch the synchronization. I never made it and I came
in a couple of minutes after the group I was with who were on the
other side of the lights and never had to stop. Though when I pulled
into the parking lot of the Century I was so far gone I couldn't find
the car because there was a police car pulled in front of the
driveway into that particular parking lot and I didn't even realize

I wondered around for five minutes before wandering back and the cop
car being gone found the parking lot with the entire group waiting
for me. And then having to hear about how slow I was.

My cop car (in Germany) pulled up behind me and he commanded me to pull
over, via speaker, loudly and with a drill sergeant's growl. The cop
gave me a speeding ticket, on a bicycle! Turned out I had gone too far
above in a 30km/h zone. The fact that my bike didn't have a speedometer
and that I was a Dutch resident did not get me out of a ticket.

Regards, Joerg

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