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Default Can not get bike to shift gears properly

On 8/13/2019 7:51 PM, Chalo wrote:
AMuzi wrote:

Plastic casing caps? Never!

Damned things cause more trouble than they cure.
We like plated brass casing caps.

Agreed. Also, I've almost succeeded in expunging thin "brake" housing ferrules from the shop where I work. They're specified for brakes, because long lay shift cable housing strands can push their way through the thin soft metal. Problem is, Bowden cable coils can also push their way through if the housing stop isn't adequately supportive.

So it's all brass "SIS" type 5mm ferrules and aluminum 4mm ferrules for me.

The aluminum ones I've tried fit on Shimano and most quality
aftermarket casing but they are too tight to be useful on
Campagnolo casing.

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