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Default Recovery and Diet

Tom Kunich wrote:

That means that the lead rider is making about 426 watts and there is a rotation of only 8 riders so you don't
have that much time off of the front.

Let's assume there are really only 8 riders in the front for 2
hours. So 1/8th of the time the rider produces 426W (as you
calculated) and 7/8th of the time he drafts which means about 30%
less effort, i.e., about 300W.
Now do the math and you see that the average is way below 400W.

The hour record requires about 440-460W for one hour -- if you
think any pro cyclist can hold 400W for two hours then please
post _real_ data, not your guesstimates...

Here's one example:
In the 2015 Tour De France won by Chris Froome. He made his mark
on Stage 10 during the the climb to La-Pierre-Saint-Martin, where
Froome took the lead "It's about a 15.3 km climb," said Kerrison.
"Around 41.30 mins. Chris's average for the whole climb was 414w,
and a VAM of 1602 Vm/h."


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