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Default Provence, Ventoux

Mark wrote:

Thanks to all who replied to earlier threads about bikes on TGVs,
Provence and Ventoux. I returned yesterday from a brilliant week in
Provence with a tan and desire to return as soon as I can.

....... Taking the bike in a soft bag on the
Eurostar and TGV (which is superb) was trouble-free once I'd hung
around to make sure nobody dumped a heavy suitcase on it and the
whole journey from London to A-e-P took under 7 hours. The change
from Gare du Nord to Gare de Lyon is a nuisance with a bike bag but
not impossible.........

Look at changing at Lille instead; worst you've got there is a platform
swap, and there are lifts as well as escallators.
We've used Lille regularly for walking holidays; frequently arranging an
overnight stop-off at Lyon.

If looking to book complex Eurostar & TGV which is not listed in the very
simple Eurostar booklets (and onward European rail) travel, then use a rail
agency (eg. Ffestiniog Travel). They have access to the discount fares
which are lost on the rest of us due to the booking windows being variable.
eg. something like Eurostar is 3 month, for each leg, and TGV is 2-month for
each leg. So the window to book a 2-week long trip is nearly 6 weeks long!
By the time your last train is listed, the cheap tickets on the first have
long gone. But the agencies can reserve seats without commitment until the
last component is in place. There is usually a fee for booking, around ten

What is the limit on a soft bagged-bike for Eurostar ? I've found their
website unclear on the topic, though have seen people board trains with
bagged bikes (though they look like they are probably racers).
I have big touring bikes, mudguards, racks, etc. And I'm tall, so the "old
trusty" tourer is a big 24in frame.

- Nigel

Nigel Cliffe,
Webmaster at


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