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Default OT - Moving to Japan --Talking about intelligent design, reactorsand bike lanes

On 3/18/2011 2:47 PM, His Highness the TibetanMonkey, originator of the
Stop the Bull**** Campaign wrote:

Wherever we turn though we see stupid design, particularly when it
comes to bike facilities, a very low priority in safety since we are
the only casualties. We have mixed paths that mix people, dogs and
bikes and we have bike lanes that disappear. The issue is --more than
an oversight-- that we live in a hierarchical system --forget
democracy-- where decisions are taken without the feedback of the
people, who must shut up and accept what they get.

I think that the majority of decisions are taken based on profit

Got it. Perhaps decisions are solely based on profit, and then ****

What worries me that every project seem to be closed to feedback from
the bottom, whether that's cyclists testing a facility or a
catastrophic event. For example, everybody knew a major hurricane
would overwhelm the dams in New Orleans and nobody took action.

In the case of New Orleans, it's worse than that.
Money was allocated to take action but then funding was cut by George Jr. mln

Good job Brownie. It's not always an engineering problem.

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