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Default take the mike vandeman challenge!!

Attention all mountain bikers!

In honour of the esteemed MV's concern for all things natural I beseech you
to take off road rides based on his postings:

Bronze Level

For every 10 posts he makes about 'eeevul mountain bikers' take one off
road ride. [Minimum distance 10 km]

Silver Level

For every 5 posts he makes referring to 'typical mountain bikers' take one
off road ride [Minimum distance 20 km]

Gold Level

For every 2 posts where he calls a mountain biker a 'liar' take one off
road ride . [Minimum distance 30 km]

Platinum Level

For every post where he cites his own 'studies' demonstrating how mountain
bikers and mountain bikers alone are destroying the planet take 2 off road
rides. [minimum distance 40 km]

If we all work together we can help Mike actually accomplish something:
More mountain biking!


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