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Edwar Dolan
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Dan I am never right. I will continue posting a few more of my
spam messages about nonsense. It is just a question how much spam
comes out of my can to say the nastiest things on A.R.B.R.

Anyone on this group who cannot figure out what is going is smarter than me
and my honky bigot brain. Are up to speed and know what is happening.
I hope so. I will just cuss and swear like usual here at A.R..B.R.
However, if he ever gets responsive but not likely, then that would be a
different story. I Ed Dolan am cowardly and stupid for that. I, Ed Dolan
am a white trash honky idiot, most likely from the steppes of
the backwoods with decades if family in breeding. I live in the
Great White Minn - which is also not exactly the center of civilization.

Ed Dolan the Great White Honky - Minnesota


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