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Edwar Dolan
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Default Ed Dolan the Great White Honky & Bigot from Minn

A troll is someone like me Ed Dolan who will disrupt a
recumbent newsgroup for no other purpose than disrupting it.
I, Ed Dolan of the Great White Honky race known as the Bigots,
am a troll. It matters not whether I am spaming or off topic or vulgar
or whatever.

-- Regards,

Ed Dolan the Great White Honky & Bigot form Minn

PS. I Ed Dolan am a stupid ****er. I always will be.
PS2. I Ed Dolann is still for ****, but I am not going to change.
I, Ed Dolan am worth ****ing on, and when I die from clogged arteries
I will be delighted if all you at A.R.B.R. **** on my grave
I Ed Dolan am one poor ****ed up son of bitch.


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