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Default Battery Replacement on Lights with Internal Li-Ion Batteries

On 2/13/2018 5:23 AM, Ralph Barone wrote:
John B. wrote:
On Mon, 12 Feb 2018 07:52:45 -0800 (PST), Frank Krygowski

On Monday, February 12, 2018 at 8:25:55 AM UTC-5, sms wrote:
On 2/12/2018 5:00 AM, Sepp Ruf wrote:

No, Joerg is claiming that ordinary StVZO tail lights that are visible from
500 meters in Europe are not good enough for his and fellow Californians'
impaired sense of vision, and why he feels tail lights that feature 5000 ft+
visibility are preferable. And he is trying to confuse what can actually be
powered by dynamo with what he "remembers" seeing, back then, on inspecified
cycles in traffic.

The StVZO lights are woefully inadequate. Don't forget that you need one
that is visible in the daytime as well.

You need a daytime taillight exactly as much as you need a tall flippy flag.
In fact, the flippy flag is more visible under many circumstances.

Here you go:

You can't be too safe!

- Frank Krygowski

Some interesting statistics.

Thailand passed a law some years ago that all motorcycles must have
their lights on when being operated. Day or night, the normal front
and rear lights must be on when the vehicle is moving.

The results: These lighted vehicles are now involved in 73% of all
highway accidents, in fact these lighted vehicles now account for more
accidents then all other vehicles combined.

Amazing how lights can make you safe in one hemisphere while
(apparently) doing little or nothing to make you safe in another.

Interestingly, bicycles, although bright lights are rarely seen, make
up about 2% of highway accidents in Thailand. about the same as in the


John B.

So what was the accident rate for motorcycles before? 50%? 90%? One
number doesn't give a lot of insight here.

LOL, exactly the right question. Also, what else changed besides the
lighting requirement?

Some people don't WANT to understand the difference between correlation
and causation!


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