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Frank Krygowski wrote:

All correct. We should add, magnetic vs.
non-magnetic is not really a binary
situation. There are materials that are
weakly magnetic, others that are strongly
magnetic, etc.

Right, I noticed that on my little stroll with
the magnet stick. But of course I couldn't
determine if this was a property of the base
material and/or some protective coating.
I suppose paint is to thin to interfere...
There was also a coating of frost which again,
shouldn't influence

BTW I've heard that if you paint the ocean on
a globe, it is impossible to apply a layer of
paint so thin as to be representative of the
ocean's "depth"...

I'm still wondering why the handlebar
material is so important to you. Is it just
a curiosity thing? (Curiosity is generally
good, of course.)

It all started with a guy saying his bar broke
but after that it is simply how the brain
works, you do something you start to think
about it, then you think about that, which
leads to the next thing, and so on.

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