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Default Another crash.

Doug Landau wrote:
On Thursday, July 12, 2018 at 3:34:53 PM UTC-7, Sepp Ruf wrote:
Doug Landau wrote:

2nd crash in 3 years. 2nd crash in 23 years.

Clearly looks like a conspiracy!

And I was having such a great ride, too. And a great day. 22 miles into
a 50 mile to-town-for-lunch and back, and was about 100 yards away from
said lunch, at subways, in minden nevada, having left the hiway, entered
a parking lot, took a drink (my first of the day, for whatever reason)
with my left hand and failed to notice a goddam ****ing black rubber
speedbump. And then it was like - like oh **** this is gonna hurt

The only thing worse than taking the first drink of the day at a black
speedbump is -- dehydration setting in at a series of blue speedbumps:

I think I was going a decent clip - meaning between 15 n 20 - i think
That was Jun 29. I got my first pin. In my thumb. Only $15K. My
headache is gone but the stitches are kinda ug- well its too early to

Worrying about cosmetic details is good news: You are indeed recovering!

But how is the bike doing?

shop sez its wasted. fork is abraded and head tube is elongated sez he

Perfect, great excuse to get a new, more tougher bike! No, seriously, I
hope you and your thumb are continuing to do better and that your health
insurance will battle to eradicate road-camo colored speed bumps.

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