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Default Shipping to the UK...need info...

In article ,
you write:
| Hi all... I hope there are some "English" folks here...
| I need to ship a bike to the UK and was wondering what is the percentage of
| "taxes or duties" that must be paid by the buyer? Searching the website of
| the World Customs Organization and it really isn't very helpful... Any tips
| would be greatly appreciated...
| Thanks
| Crystal


I am a British type. You need to look for "HM customs and excise" (the HM stands for
Her Majesty's). I saved you the trouble, here's a link to the subject of buying
stuff from overseas on the internet:

It's written from the buyer's point of view, but you can probably get an idea of
the amount involved. You will be filling out a Customs declaration when you send it,
and this will probably be the basis for the duty paid. I doubt if there will be a
bike expert on hand to dispute any figure you put:-), though you are probably insuring
the item too, so maybe that figure is visible too.

The top level ( is the start point if you need to look for
something else.

Good Luck,


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