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Edward Dolan
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Default Ed Gin Spam King of the Great Yellow Turd

A troll is someone like me Ed Gin who will disrupt a
recumbent newsgroup for no other purpose than disrupting it.
I, Ed Gin of the Great Yellow **** House known as the Orient, am a troll.
It matters not whether I am spaming or off topic or vulgar
or whatever. My messages are not cycling related to anything that
has previously been said on any thread. They are not responsive.

I, Ed Gin am a troll on A.R.B.R. and always have been.
My messages are always custom designed for whatever message I
respond to (except recumbent related). No time and effort
has gone into them. It matters not if my messages are off topic.
The critical thing is that they are lame. They are customized
lame crap and not just automated crap. It all is crap just the same.

I, Ed Gin am a brainless idiot. I have my lard ass set up
to automatically relay messages to A.R.B.R. with total
nonsense. I, Ed Gin am a can of spam for all newsgroups.

Ed Gin Spam King of the Great Yellow **** House known as the Orient - Chicago District

PS. What a stupid ****er. He is doing all the work.

PS2. You punctuation is still for ****, but I am not going to bother to correct it. You are not worth ****ing on, but if you precede me in death I will be delighted to **** on your grave - you poor ****ed up son of bitch.


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