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Default New bike for Jay

On 9/12/2017 9:07 PM, Ralph Barone wrote:
Frank Krygowski wrote:
On Tuesday, September 12, 2017 at 3:27:34 PM UTC-4, jbeattie wrote:

This appears to be my only option for a fast, safe bike:
According to Grant, it comes with disc brakes:

I'm ordering today and waiting the 6-9 months because my safety is important.

Good! It's about time you became cool.

- Frank Krygowski

The extra down tube makes it 50% safer than your regular bike.

That's hard to quantify. If you look at tube sets over at they come
with nine tubes. Adding that extra tube would not add 50% safety, even
if the increase in safety is not linear.

But why would Jay stop at only a double down tube. There are also bikes
with dual top tubes.
I've not seen a bike with dual top tubes AND dual down tubes, but I'm
sure a custom frame builder could do something like that.

I recall that there was one tandem manufacturer that put out a low end
model without the dual downtube, and with standard diameter steel tubes
and it was very squirrely. There are some newer models without the dual
downtube but they use much larger diameter aluminum tubes to compensate.


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