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Default drill/tap in frames

On 7/7/2018 6:00 PM, Emanuel Berg wrote:
Doug Cimperman wrote:

1) A drill press w/vise will work far better
than a hand drill. If you use a hand drill
in thicker (1mm) metal, the bits will go
dull really fast and tend to break as they
come out the back side of the hole.

Drill bits, is there a reason to use those
instead of just drills (round)?

I am not sure what you mean by drill bits not being round?

Drill bits with hex or triangle shanks tend to break if they snag in
metal. It is better to use a smooth-shank drill bit since if it snags,
it will just spin in the chuck instead of breaking.

As I understand it, "drill" is the term for the entire tool--either
hand-held, or bench- or floor-standing.

A "drill bit" is the part that actually makes the hole: (5.2mm, $2.89 each)

I must admit that I kinda prefer buying drills elsewhere... McMaster is
fast & easy but they usually do not say what brand you are getting. For
HSS drills and taps I usually buy the Hertel brand at MSC: (5.2mm, $2.91)


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