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Default AG: Back in the saddle again

Crying shame that I can't correct typos after clicking "send".

I was kinder sleepy when I wrote yesterday's post, as you can tell by
the verbosity. Now it's past time for my nap . . . look out!

I carried the first ice bag of the season today -- on my pedal-powered
wheelchair. (AKA "Trek Pure".) We had lunch at church, and afterward
I filled a sandwich bag with leftovers, and another with ice so that I
could take the long way home.

On the Heritage Trail, I noticed a redbud tree, and decided to make a
side trip to Mrs. Miller's field -- not to be confused with Miller
Field, which I was about to pass when I saw the redbud.

I saw many fine displays of redbuds both before and after visiting the
redbud avenue that leads to the field, but none quite so splashy as
the view that greets you after turning around in the field to come
back out.

And now I glance out the window and see that my crab-apple tree is in
bloom, and behind it the red maple is maxed out.

Joy Beeson
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