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Default GPS Units = Show road steepness?

Ralph Barone wrote:
Sir Ridesalot wrote:
Talking about GPS units on another thread reminded me of something else I
wondered if they do. Does a bicycle GPS unit show you the steepness of
roads? There's an area that I frequently ride where on road has short but
very steep hills, another road a mile or so east of it has much more
gradual hills whilst a third road to the west of the first one is a major
highway that can be ridden with a bicycle. What I'm wondering is this: if
someone unfamiliar with the area got there and used a GPS unit to show
those three roads, would the GPS unit show them the different gradients
of the roads? Or is that another function that they'd need to download or
otherwise install?


My Garmin 705 shows the slope as I ride it, and historically, but not
preemptively. For that, I used Google Earth.

The edge 800 has an elevation screen.


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