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Default AG: Pre-ride stretches

On Sun, 21 Dec 2014 15:05:05 +0000 (UTC), Andrew Chaplin

As someone who lives on the edge of the boreal forest, I find it does not
matter where I start my warm-up, inside or out, but then I am not yet 60.

I find it's less important to get my heart going while still in the
house than it was when I was under sixty -- I no longer go out in that
kind of weather!

The problem was that if I go out into the cold sluggish, my feet will
get cold before I've worked up a sweat, and when they are cold the
body cuts the circulation to them and won't switch it back on until
they are warm, and they won't get warm until the circulation is
switched back on.

More than once I've spent a good bit of time sitting in a print shop
with my shoes off, waiting for my toes to turn pink. It was much
nicer the time I took refuge at a lunch counter, and had a mug of
cocoa while I was waiting.

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