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Default ANOTHER Injured Mtn. Biker Rescued West of Bend, Oregon

On Oct 6, 5:49*am, charley wrote:
On Oct 5, 8:23*pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:

On Oct 5, 6:45*am, charley wrote:

On Oct 4, 6:31*pm, Mike Vandeman wrote:

On Oct 4, 2:12*pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:

"SebastianW" wrote in message

On Oct 3, 2:52 pm, "Edward Dolan" wrote:

"charley" wrote in message

[...] all you two pathetic souls can do is muck up a google group. you

not now nor will ever sway or discourage anyone - neophyte or other -
from taking up this sport and practicing it as they choose. you are
only two. years ago it was only MV, now he has ED with him - i guess
you can say your side has doubled in membership! LOL!!! you have zip
- zero - nada influence. you have pretty much ruined this site and
there is precious little real backcountry info here (i am a
backcountry hiker/camper as well as a mountain biker and surfer)
because you two stink up the place so much, but that is the extent of
it all. we all still bike offroad and more are taking up this growing
sport behind us. sucks to be you.

You are engaged in both mountain biking and hiking! How is that possible?
The two activities are diametrically opposed to one another. You have got
be one screwed up *******!
Maybe because to the average person they're just recreational

activities, and one can enjoy both equally. Regardles, I'm done with
this crap. I'm going riding, on a multipurpose trail, and I'm sure as
hell not going to go slow.

Yes, by all means, go fast, hit an obstacle, go over the handle bars and
break your ****ing neck. Then lie around for the rest of your life,
paralyzed from the neck down. Well, that is mountain biking for you -
healthy to the bitter end!

I love it when they say "at least he died doing what he loved". Yeah,
THAT makes it okay!

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here's a sport where they say that when it happens - i suppose this is
an unhealthy sport too??? *(you may want to mute your speakers, the
music aint so hot but the action is incredible)

Good analogy. Yeah, that probably would appeal to a mountain biker,
due to the same adrenaline "fix".

its called the love of living life to its fullest you moron. something
a far left academic can never understand.

You are right, I will never understand how risking my health and well-
being for a cheap thrill is worthwhile. MOST normal people feel the
same way. Being addicted to adrenaline is obviously a genetic defect,
NOT something to celebrate! Moron.

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