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Default Shimano, IMBA Release MTB Economics "Study" (Read "Lies")

"Eric Vey" wrote in message
Jason wrote:
* Mike Vandeman :
"50 million Americans mountain bike"? Yeah, right. This "study" is
nothing but lies designed to promote mountain biking -- nothing new
for mountain bikers. They never write ANYTHING that isn't propaganda..

So you have a lot in common with them then, what's your point?


I can only guess that the 50 million number comes from the Bicycle Shaped
Objects sold in Wal-Mart and Co. 90% of the BSOs are in the MTB style.
There is no way that a Roadmaster MTB style bike (a BSO) could survive 10
minutes of real mountain biking because something would break in that 10

Mike insists that it would be your scrotum that would break, therefore you
should stay home.


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