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On 2018-06-10 08:01, jbeattie wrote:
On Sunday, June 10, 2018 at 7:36:02 AM UTC-7, Joerg wrote:
On 2018-06-09 16:22, jbeattie wrote:
On Saturday, June 9, 2018 at 8:04:24 AM UTC-7, Joerg wrote:
On 2018-06-08 10:06, jbeattie wrote:


... She was up at like 2:00 AM this morning going through all
my buckets in the garage . . . totally ****ed off at the
condition of some of my bike cleaning brushes. So I asked her
about the dust under the refrigerator . . . "have you seen
that . . . have you? How could any self-respecting wife
allow that disgusting accumulation? And your hair in the
drain! It's like stringy snot! I want a divorce!"

When making bacon and eggs this morning I mentioned a li'l
grease spot on the range from yesterday. When I came home late
from a fun MTB ride and she still made a very nice dinner. That
didn't go over very well :-)

Most women are neat freaks while most men would become real
slobs if they weren't married to them.

Have you seen Lou's garage? You could do surgery on the floor
without fear of infection.

Is this the guy who ride a bike with only a front brake?

My wife has been very patient with the mess I made in the family
room downstairs. I've been watching movies and doing heavy bike
maintenance for the fleet which doubled when my son moved in
after his injury.

I'd be hearing about that every day. Though she has accepted that I
ride on dirt trails a lot and that there is a fair amount of "trail
debris" under the MTB in the garage. As long as none of it moves on
its own.

I just got back from Universal where I bought a liter of Shimano
mineral oil for the hydraulic brakes. It was $4 more than
buying 50ml from Bike Gallery. Incroyable -- $17.99 for 50ml.
Even from Western, it's $12.75 for 50ml. You can get 1,000ml for
anywhere from $18-22 low street price. I didn't even bother price
matching at Universal and paid $22. I'll never use all that
mineral oil, but I couldn't bear spending so much for 50ml. Maybe
I'll sell the left overs on the disk brake black market.

Sounds like the rip-off with brake pads. The LBS wants $16 for a
pair of cheap resin pads while I buy nice ceramic-based ones for
around $2/pair from China, in bulk. Well, as long as there is no
brake pad tariff. The pads at the LBS are most likely also made in
China, if not at the same factory.

An oil change on a Rohloff hub would cost you about the same as an
oil change on a car:

There must be huge profit margins on this stuff and of course they all
try to make you captive by requiring to buy at the company store or
the warranty is toast.

By the way, I tried to buy $9 worth of hydraulic mineral oil made
by Finish Line, and the guys at Bike Gallery (who I really like
and have been good to me), basically swatted my hand away, saying
that Shimano was the only way to go. I think either (1) Shimano
has everyone cowed, or (2) Finish Line needs better PR. I think
Shimano actually claims that the warranty on the hydraulic discs
is voided if you use non-Shimano magical oil.

I wonder if they'd do a full forensic investigation with each $100
warranty claim to find out which oil was used, who sold it, whether
some sort of embargo was breached and whether the goons need to be
sent out.

My brakes are simple, they use DOT3 or DOT4 like the ones in our
cars do. The quantity needs costs pennies.

Shimano made the decision to go with mineral oil for the road discs,
which was a legitimate choice, and considering the fill volumes, it
saves a lot of waste DOT fluid that absorbs water and has to be
tossed. DOT fluid is nasty on paint, etc. I can be sloppy with
mineral oil -- use it for massage, laxative, etc., etc. It's

DOT has much better performance when things get hot. Which they do on an
MTB. Water boils off if you let it. So far I didn't have to change my
fluid, just top off a wee bit. It is aggressive towards paint but not
that aggressive. Paint is the last thing I'd worry about on my bikes.

When doing fluid jobs on the brakes one has to be careful. I never
spilled a drop. That's one of the jobs syringes where invented for.

Regards, Joerg

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