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On Tuesday, 10 July 2018 03:10:45 UTC+1, Colonel Edmund J. Burke wrote:

Always talk on your cellphone when driving. Ignore red lights,
ambulances, and fire trucks. If you hit someone, drive off.

Time to wheel out:

Speeding, parking the wrong way at night, on yellow lines, on zig zags,
outside schools, pavement parking, obstructing traffic by inconsiderate
parking, driving while drunk, on mobile phones, with no car tax, no
licence, no insurance, no MOT, illegal plates, overtaking on double
lines, due care, bald tyres, faulty brakes, one eyed monsters, no rear
lights, no brake lights, no indicators, fog light abuse, faulty steering,
windscreen obscuration, darkly tinted windows, child seat abuse, no
seatbelts, insecure load, one way street abuse, amber/red light jumping,
cycle box abuse, bus lane abuse, box junction abuse, death by dangerous
driving, excess smoke and noise from exhaust, duff suspension, leaking
oil, cash for crash fiddles, underage child in front, lights causing
glare, over weight limit, ignoring no entry signs, parking without
permit, not having control of your vehicle, improper use of horn, using
horn at night, no in date photo licence, no licence application after
long ban, without prescribed eyewear, failing to stop for
police/lollipop/zebra etc - ran out of space.

Brilliant list!

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