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Default Chilly Hilly - Great ride and great weather

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Perfect day for the Chilly Hilly ride today
( ), high 40's - low 50's and
sunshine. Not a drop of rain all day. Sometimes you get lucky. My

year old Raleigh International performed flawlessly as well.

I did Chilly Hilly too -- 2 hours, 32 minutes, which wasn't

anything to
complain about. And you're right -- great weather. I'll add, no

wind to
speak of, which helped make for a great day.

This was the first year where I didn't have to worry about child

care, so I
could take the first, bike-only ferry. What a trip! Hundreds and

hundreds of
bikes on the lower deck; hundreds and hundreds of bicyclists on the

deck. And everyone just ignored the "no cleats" rule.

I was on the same boat. It was great to see such a huge variety of
bikes and cyclists in one place. From children on trailer-tandems to
"Serious Racers"(TM) on aramid miracle bikes to elders on Bike Friday
folders. The highest bib number I saw was over 3000.

I'm not sure what my elapsed time was but I averaged 15.2 mph while
riding over the distance and got to the chilli line 11'ish. This was
the first organized ride I ever did and it was a blast. Now maybe the

I was thinking today about the 1990 Chilly Hilly. I had just moved

back to
the Seattle area after years of living in other places. I had

signed up to
do the Chilly Hilly that year with my dad. As it turned out, I got

a new job
after I signed up, and my new work place wanted to send me to

Washington DC
to attend a conference and lobby our state's delegation. I was

caught up
with the whole glamour of the thing, and gave my Chilly Hilly

to my husband. He ended up doing that ride with my dad.

That was the last formal bike event my dad ever rode in. I was thin

today that I will never have the experience of riding in something

like that
with my dad, and it makes me feel very sad.

It's sad that you weren't there with your dad that day, but when you
ride the route you can think of him enjoying the day with your
husband. They say that no one ever died wishing they had spent more
time at work, but you can't do everything, only the best you can.


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