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Default Chilly Hilly - Great ride and great weather

"cheg" wrote in message
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Cheg, your email's munged, so I'm replying publicly:

This was
the first organized ride I ever did and it was a blast. Now maybe the

You know how crowded it was when we first got off the ferry? That's the way
it is for like the first 50 miles of the STP, especially if you leave at the
peak of the morning, at 6:00 - 6:30. Then it thins out a bit after

I'm not sure if I'm doing STP this year -- we've already got our hotel
reservations for RSVP. STP is a blast, though -- you should do it. Man, if
you had a Chilly Hilly average of 15.2 mph (I had 13.8), you could do a two
day STP no sweat, and a one day is easily in reach.

Warm Regards,

Claire Petersky
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