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Default The Biking-Hiking Wars

All mountain bikers are scum even if they are not punching out 14 year old
girl hikers. They are scum because they are where they are not wanted and
doing what is not wanted - riding a bike on trails designed and meant for


Deputies searching for man who allegedly punched 14-year-old girl on
Paint Creek Trail

The suspect in the alleged assault of a 14-year-old girl was driving
a red mountain bike, similar to the one pictured here. Officials did
not share the make and model of the suspect's bike. Photo by
Wikimedia Commons user Victorvandenberg.

By John Turk, , @jrturk on Twitter

Posted: 07/07/16, 12:11 PM EDT | Updated: 1 hr ago

Detectives are looking for a man who allegedly punched a 14-year-old
girl after getting knocked down while biking on the Paint Creek
Trail, officials said.

Oakland County Sheriff's deputies at 10:33 a.m. Saturday, July 2,
were sent to the 700 block of Markdale Avenue to investigate a report
of an assault that happened on the popular biking trail.

Investigators learned that a 14-year-old girl was walking along the
trail with three other children when a man riding a red mountain bike
approached them from behind.

The children moved to the left side of the trail to let the bicyclist
pass them, but he accidentally ran into the 14-year-old, crashing and
falling off his bike, the girl told officers.

"The rider became angry and was yelling at the girl," authorities
said in a prepared statement. "He then struck her on the left arm
with a closed fist. He acted as though he was going to strike her
again, but stopped and yelled at her to run."

After getting the report, deputies searched the Paint Creek Trail and
nearby parking lots for the man, but could not find him. Deputies
will now be conducting extra patrols on the trail, and additional
bike patrols will also continue.

Investigators are now looking for the man and are asking for the
public's help identifying him.

The suspect is described as a white or Hispanic man who is 5-foot-3
and about 50 years old with grey hair.

The man was riding a red mountain bike, had a yellow bandana on his
head, and was in a white shirt that had blue and black lettering with
black biking shorts. He was also wearing sunglasses with a rearview
mirror, deputies said.

Anyone with information about the man or the incident is asked to
call the Oakland County Sheriff's Office tip line at 1-888-TURN-1-IN."

Mountain bikes have wheels. Wheels are for roads.

Trails are for walking. What’s the matter? Can’t walk?

Ed Dolan the Great – Minnesota


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