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Default When I saw that it was snowing, I changed to thinner socks.

On Sun, 17 Jan 2021 19:08:56 -0500, Joy Beeson

Subject: When I saw that it was snowing, I changed to thinner socks.

OB bicycles: they were Pearl Izumi socks.

The thick socks that I'd put on with my sandals won't fit into my

When I wear shoes, I have to stick moleskin over my corns. Since I'd
greased my feet before putting on my sandals, the moleskin didn't
stick very well. With the waste of only one moleskin square, I
figured out that the trick is to put the sock on completely, or at
least pull up the heel to my heel, then scroonch and roll it back
until I can reach under it to press the moleskin into place. Then
it's dragged very little when I pull the sock up. Much to my
surprise, the moleskins were firmly stuck when I took the socks off --
I turned one sock inside out looking for a moleskin before I thought
of looking at my feet.

I don't have corns but I believe that there is a treatment for them. I
read that there "patches" that can be applied to remove them.

Of course, one also has to have shoes that fit correctly :-)

John B.


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