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Default When I saw that it was snowing, I changed to thinner socks.

On Mon, 18 Jan 2021 07:38:25 +0700, John B.

I don't have corns but I believe that there is a treatment for them. I
read that there "patches" that can be applied to remove them.

Of course, one also has to have shoes that fit correctly :-)

That last is not an option for me. The last time I knew what my shoe
size was, it was seven and a half A/D on a Walker Last, and I was much
younger then, so it probably wouldn't fit if I could find it.

When shoe shopping I used to count it as a triumph if the clerk said
they didn't have combination lasts -- it meant that he knew what a
combination last was.

"Walker", it turns out, is a very poor search term, and I've never
been able to find out what a "walker last" is. I think it was a brand

I used to remove my corns, but as long as they don't hurt, I leave
them be, and they don't hurt if I don't wear shoes.

Not too long after moving here in 2001, I went to the huge shoe store
where the Counting House Bank used to be and had a professional select
me a pair of shoes -- all the other clerks gathered around to watch
the fitting and learn how it's done. The shoes felt wonderful; when I
walked in them, I felt as though someone were pushing me from behind.

Gave me the worst set of corns I ever had.

My cycling shoes don't aggravate corns; perhaps it's because they lace
to the toe. Probably doesn't hurt that I refuse to walk in them.

I also have a pair of lace-to-the-toe dancing boots that I bought at a
theatrical-supply store; wearing those is like running around in
stocking feet, except there is no risk of slipping. I haven't worn
them since my last airplane trip. Since that trip left me crippled
for a week, I'll probably never fly again. The boots aren't suitable
for outdoor wear, and I always go barefoot in the house, so they have
been on the shelf for years.

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