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Default Fractured front cog?

On Mon, 5 Jul 2004 18:58:03 +0100, "Daniel Kelly \(AKA Jack\)"

Hi guys,

Thanks for all your replies.

Sorry about the failed link. It turns out my web hosts have taken their
servers off-line for some maintanance. It should be back online soon.

In the mean time, I'll try to attach a pic to this mail.


Hey Jack, hope you didn't mind the bit of teasing. Given that the bike is a
somewhat 'delicate' piece of machinery but with often great stress placed
upon the components, as a rule of thumb, if you find -anything- wrong with
either the frame or the components, get it repaired or replaced as quickly
as possible. Luckily, this is an easily replaced component. In fact you can
use this opportunity to upgrade to a better piece of componentry, something
lighter or stronger.

Metal has interesting properties, toughness, ductility, brittleness,
resistant to compression in a certain plane, but not in other planes. When
you're dealing with a machined part which is also cut out to reduce weight,
you may have a very strong part as is - but if you have a fracture in that
part, it may become unusually weak.

Certainly we're not dealing with stresses like those in fast moving parts
like airplane propellers, but consider what others have said - if the part
fails in the middle of a fast downhill, or as you put pressure on it to
cross a busy street - well, you're playing with fire. Always, always check
out your ride, and if you notice something 'odd', it's prudent to stop and
check it out. You may not see an obvious fault, but in this case it's
staring right at you. If you're 10 miles from home, you could take a risk
and go slowly and cautiously, but I would strongly advise you get it
replaced before you ride it again.

I had a bent brake lever from running into the side of a bridge, avoiding a
pedestrian. I didn't get it fixed right away, b/c I was upgrading my ride,
but when the bike mechanic saw it he said I was lucky I didn't try to
straighten it, b/c being aluminum, it would likely have snapped off. That
would have been fun, 10 miles from home and only one set of brakes! ;-)


"Leo Lichtman" wrote in message

"S o r n i" wrote: (clip) Bill "sure you meant 'cogg' ;-) " S.
I think he really meant "chainring." :-)

I couldn't get the link to work, either, but I would not ride with a
chainring that might fail. Not only do you risk being stranded with

but a roll of duct tape--if it happens when you are pressing hard on the
pedal, you could hurt yourself. :-(


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