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Doki wrote:
Does anyone make a FWD / rear steer recumbent?

FWD, certainly. Zox and Flevo are the obvious examples, plus the Very
Serious Speed machinery used at the likes of Battle Mountain is
sometimes FWD (well, it's not like they have to go round hairpin bends...).

Rear steer is a different matter. I think it was in C+ that someone
asked this and Mike Burrows answered it. IIRC he basically said that
what's fine in theory doesn't work quite so well in practice and rear
steer bikes tend to be patronised by people called Koko with large red

The Flevo is an interesting exception to the usual rules: it doesn't
steer at either wheel but has a hinge in the middle of the bike, and can
be ridden completely no hands as far as steering goes (though bars are
provided to mount brake and gear levers)

Seems to me you'd save a lot
of chain length. Perhaps they'd struggle for grip up hills?

I believe that is an issue with some, though not bad enough to render
the concept useless. I think it's combining the steering with the drive
that causes more headaches.

OTOH, long chains aren't as bad as you might think: less wear when used
on derailleurs, for example, as the angles aren't so bad as you move
across the cassette.

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