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Default Finally bought a bike - not a Monocog - but I am no longer a depressed sack

Well I called the owners of the LBS and cancelled my order on the
Monocog. Quite simply I couldn't live with myself. I didn't want to
buy a used bike as someone suggested to hold over until it arrived. I
HAD to have a bike NOW. I know - the typical attitude of not waiting.
But after nights of coming home to 50+ degree weather with the sun
out and people riding I always went to bed in a deep depression. Like
I NEEDED to be out there riding too...

I was like a fish out of water...

So I went to the local bicycle dealer and purchased a Trek 7300FX. I
know, after torturing the newsgroups about single speeds WTF? Part of
me worried that due to the hilly areas at my bike paths that it would
do harm to my knees - but yeah - mostly I needed a bike. I needed a
bike bad.

I love my Trek 7300FX to bits. I bought it on sale for $399. Yeah,
it's going to be more maintenance. But I'll be a bit wiser for it. I
really can't decide if I am scared of the maintenance or I'm just
lazy. I'm leaning towards lazy.

The 7300FX by the way is oddly more comfortable than the Navigator 400
I also rode.

Anyway I was properly fitted, took the bike out for a spin, and bought
it on the spot. I'm also down on weight - 275 lbs (thank you Atkins).
So while I believe the wheels with high PSI tires will hold up it is
really an incentive for me to lose as much weight as fast as I can.

Why am I posting this? I just wanted to give people who helped me an
update so they don't feel like their opinions weren't in vain. That
is to say, I never did buy the bike people recommended but at the same
time I did infact buy a bicycle.

So thanks! It's beautiful outside - I think I am going to take a

PS: A note to Redline - you need to do something about your
distribution network. I could have a Trek in any form and in any size
within 1-3 days. I think 4+ weeks for a single speed bike is nuts.
I'd wait 4+ weeks for a Phil Wood ****OFF but not for a Monocog. Over
and out!

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