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Default Another Addition to My "Required Reading for the Entire Planet": _Significant Others -- The Ape-Human Continuum and the Quest for Human Nature_

"Ian St. John" wrote in message

"Micheal Artindale" wrote in message

"To understand human nature, you must understand the apes.

Takes one to know one.

We don't take your confession too seriously. Even granted that you are an
ape or have the intelligence of one, it is hard to determine who is on the
other end of a post.

I meant him, not me

to quote a bumper sticker "If you object to logging, try wiping your ass
with plastic toilet paper!! "

Paper does not come from logging of timberlands. It comes from treefarms
mostly. Areas dedicated to growing trees as a crop, no different than any
other farmland. Continuous supply, rather than opportunistic exploitation

the rule. But then, you are really ignorant of the facts aren't you?

Funny we have no such "farms" in Ontario Canada. We do have BUSH, aka dence

Go hug a tree, and leave the rest of us alone.

The majority of sane people value the environments so the 'rest of us' you
refer to must mean those in mental institutions like yourself?

(someone who loves the outdoors but lives in the real world)

Is that what they call the rubber room these days? My. My. Perhaps they

let you into the wider outdoors ( presumably the recreation room ) soon

you can experience it again.

Gotta love them bouncy walls, they keep my head intact

On second thought, go pet a bear. With a hand covered in honey -- spring is
the perfect time to pet one.


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