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Default IMBA Tries to Justify Mountain Biking with Junk Science

i live and love mountain biking .i have been riding trails since before
there was mountain biking and the funny thing about that is the trails are
made by the feet of hikers the same guys that drive there cars down a huge
chunk of asfalt and tell me that im not kind to the enviroment . i just road
with the family to get groceries and there were more cars than bikes in that
parking lot. but vegitarians think there better than me too cause i eat beef
.. well you tree hugging animal saving bunch of hipocrits the only damage i
do worse than you is leave a tire track on your forhead if you dont move
your ass outa my way when you hear me commin .and did they drive to there
test location or hike or bike ?? bite me!!
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To use your own logic on you: your post is a lie because IMBA doesn't
conduct their studies as you claim, therefore all hikers and
environmentalists are LIARS, because you are a liar.

Post some facts Idiot, not unproven claims. Go lay under your tree and
imagine what the tree would say (reference to story on Vendamens
website about a cathartic moment in his life, the real truth is he was
hit in the head by a rock and didn't know it)

On Thu, 01 Apr 2004 16:34:45 GMT, Mike Vandeman

Anyone who bothers to read these "studies" will find that they actually

the OPPOSITE of what they CLAIM to prove! They actually examine only

damage PER
MILE. Since mountain bikers typically travel several times as far as

hikers (try
HIKING 25-50 miles in a day!), it follows FROM THEIR OWN RESEARCH that

bikers have several times the impact of hikers. They also don't test

biking under normal conditions: they simply roll passively down a gently

hill -- no acceleration, no turns, no braking, all of which would apply

(horizontal) forces to the ground. In addition, almost all studies ignore
impacts on wildlife. As far as I know, every one of these "studies" was

done by
(surprize, surprize) a mountain biker. Besides, they are irrelevant,

because the
harm done by mountain biking is not related to the harm done by other
activities, such as hiking. The damage is the same, regardless of what

hikers or
anyone else is doing!


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PRESS RELEASE - New Science Review Indicates that Mountain Biking ...
Velonews - USA
IMBA has released a comprehensive review of scientific studies that

the impacts of mountain biking on trails, vegetation, and wildlife. ...

FOREST Service decision will make trail changes
Reno Gazette Journal - Reno,NV,USA
... But mountain biking instructor and former racer Max Jones III of

City said Tuesday the management plan is fair and necessary. ...
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INTREPID Teens Wanted for Extreme Adventures (press release) - New Zealand
... These include mountain biking, rock climbing, abseiling, or flying
fox, water confidence course, raft building and kayaking and sailing.

EXPO will offer seminars for novices and information on ...
San Jose Mercury News - San Jose,CA,USA
... My generation was single-focused. Now you've got a younger generation
that integrates fly fishing with other pursuits, such as mountain biking.

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