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Stephen Harding
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Default Finally bought a bike - not a Monocog - but I am no longer adepressed sack

Lobo Tommy wrote:

So I went to the local bicycle dealer and purchased a Trek 7300FX. I
know, after torturing the newsgroups about single speeds WTF? Part of
me worried that due to the hilly areas at my bike paths that it would
do harm to my knees - but yeah - mostly I needed a bike. I needed a
bike bad.

Nothing to stop you from running your multi-speed in
one speed only!

I personally would *never* have only one bike that was
a single speed. The technology of triple chainrings
and 8,9,10 cogs is there for the taking! Make use of
it, and save the single-speed for when you develop a
stable of special purpose bikes.

Stephen "Lot's 'o Gears and Using Them All" Harding


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