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Default Fractured front cog?

Sorry guys, it looks like my web host has gone offline.

Here are some photos that work:

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"Daniel Kelly (AKA Jack)" wrote in message
Dear Bikers,

I fear my bike has a fracture in its front cog. I first noticed something
was wrong when I heard the front cog hitting against the front derailleur
once every revolution of the pedals. It turned out the front cog was
actually bent and so "wobbled" as it rotated, relative to the front
derailleur. Closer inspection showed that the front cog was a little

and could be jiggled a little. The join between the front cog and the

pedal was clearly loose.

I took the right pedal off and found a little crack in the front cog.

photos are he

Is this a fracture? If so, how dangerous is it? Can I ride my bike with
this fracture? Do I need a new front cog & right pedal?


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