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Default drill/tap in frames

On Mon, 9 Jul 2018 18:16:19 +0000 (UTC), David Scheidt

Jeff Liebermann wrote:
:On Mon, 9 Jul 2018 16:21:43 +0000 (UTC), David Scheidt

:sms wrote:
::On 7/7/2018 7:27 AM, Emanuel Berg wrote:
:: Are there any secrets to drilling holes in
:: steel bike frames? I have a couple of discarded
:: ones I can test on but I thought I'd
:: ask anyway.
:: Do you use normal power hand tools like
:: a drill-screwdriver and/or a drill press (if
:: possible with the desired bolt position)?
:: Do the normal rules apply, e.g. to get
:: a threaded hole for an M6, you first drill with
:: a 5.0mm drill?
:: And you can use chainsaw oil, right?
::As Jobst Brandt stated: "I don't know many riders who believe that
::drilling a hole in a frame tube is a reasonable concept."

:Who cares what riders think, what do the egineers do?

:Jobst Brandt was a mechanical engineer.

he was also wrong about many things.

I know. I locked horns with him on several issues where I was certain
that he was wrong. His mechanical engineering was superb. His
chemistry, not so good. Electronics, I don't recall.

Every bike I've ever had has had
holes drilled in it. Clearly, there is a range of holes that do not
cause failure, and some that do. The question is where does a rivnut
fall? I wouldn't drill a 5 mm hole a on 26mm diameter tube, but they
work fine on large diamter ones.

The OP is talking about installing Rivnuts in his chain stays in order
to repair some chain guard and fender supports. I'm too lazy to walk
over to my bicycle and measure them, but methinks they're much too
small diameter for a 5mm hole. The Rivnut would also not have much of
a flat surface in which to seat and might loosen and spin.

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