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Default drill/tap in frames

Frank Krygowski wrote:
:On 7/9/2018 9:05 PM, Jeff Liebermann wrote:
: On Mon, 9 Jul 2018 15:26:18 -0400, Frank Krygowski
: wrote:
: Actually, the OP was talking about drilling and tapping instead of
: Rivnuts. And it wasn't clear to me, at least, exactly what portions of
: the frame he was interested in tapping. A photo or two might help.
: He started out talking about drilling and tapping, but switched in
: midstream to Rivnuts. See:
: I keep hearing this, but it isn't the case for
: my bikes which have chainguards.
: These have three stays, and of those, two are
: mounted on the bike frame with M5 screws.
: Threaded hole, no nut on the other side!
: Then the chainguard is mounted on the stays,
: likewise with M5s, threaded holes (only here
: sometimes there are nuts as well).
: The stays are about 1mm. How thick the frame
: tube wall is I don't know, but I can take
: a discarded frame and cut it with an angle
: grinder to find out, God willing.
: This ain't to say that rivnuts ain't a good
: idea, of course.
: This was the first mention of Rivnuts in the thread (I checked).

:Actually, I mentioned Rivnuts when I posted the very first reply to
:Emanuel's original post. That was about eight hours before the post you

: Also note that he indicates that "the chainguard is mounted on the
: stays...". Which of the stays, he doesn't mention, but it doesn't
: matter. Chain stays and seat stays are both rather small diameter.

:The reason I'd like photos is that Emanuel seems to imply that a hole in
:the stays is the original method of mounting the chainguard. I think
:that's unlikely. I wondered if there are brazed-on tabs or some other
:feature that we don't know about.

I've seen stays with a through hole, and a threaded insert in the

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