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Default Grandson Bike Cam Mechanism Questions, Please

On 5/7/2017 5:39 PM, Andrew Chaplin wrote:
Bob wrote in news

My Grandson got a new bike, and thought I'd ask you experts some
questions that have come up. I have to admit I know nothing
about "bike mechanics," and would be most grateful for the help.

a. Regarding the cam-lock that holds the wheel to the fork:

Clever gadget.

But, the only way it seems to take the wheel completely off
is to deflate it. Otherwise, we can't get it passed the brake pads.

Are the brake pads, in their relaxed position, supposed to be wide
enough to allow the tire to be passed thru them, easily ?

b. Is there supposed to be a flat washer between the bike fork's
cutout, and the cam mechanism ?
On the cam side ?
On the Nut side ?

Bob, this is not the best group for such a query. You had best try, where there are some very sensible bicycle enthusiasts
and mechanics.

You may be missing some measure, such as a quick release, that allows you
to open the brakes more widely for maintenance. Please be prepared to
specify the type or model of brake, or to post photos to something like

Or, for your typical 16" or 20" sidewalk bike, just remove
one brake shoe. Usually the one not on the cable side is

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