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I went on a ride yesterday, and around the Riverside Bikeway in the city
it has sections that say "Cyclists must dismount", why, why can't we just
take care on these sections.

Rules is rules.

I was abused yeterday by some walker saying hey mate can't you read the

Wear an iPod so you don't hear them and/or develop a thicker skin.
"Hey mate can't you read the signs"
"Hey mate. Read this one." Flip bird.

A better way is to greet people as you approach. Get in with a smile and a
"gidday howyagoin" at the exact moment they see you and they won't be able
to grumble at you even if you are doing the wrong thing (or they perceive
that you are). Making a conscious effort to be pleasant rubs off on everyone
around you and you'll finish your ride in a better mood.

I refuse to ride on the road as its way to dangerous, too many idiots on
the roads that just hate cyclists guts, and are out there to hit you.

I haven't found that at all. I have far fewer incidents on my bike than I do
in my car. Ride defensively and courteously (obey the road rules as if you
were a car and avoid busy roads with no shoulders where possible) and then
there's just the occasional ****** to deal with from time to time. For them
see iPod and thicker skin above. However, the "being pleasant" approach
works on cagers too. When someone does something stupid they usually know
it. If you give them a wave or pretend to tip your helmet or something like
that to let them know there's no hard feelings everyone leaves smiling. If
you react angrily they get defensive which leads to road rage and stress for
both parties.

Sorry Ozzie but if you say "rules is rules" to "cyclists must
dismount", then with the greatest respect, I say "get the extinguisher
for your arse". The signs are generally ignorant of rules and reality
and are put up by ****s who haven't bothered to consult ... which is
why they are ignored and why they result in conflict between cyclists
and peds. Refer to extensive archives on bikeqld with respect to Coro
Drive. In that case and in others, we forced BCC into removing/
changing the signs, eventally.


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