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I would like to introduce the 2009 team because we have got some very
unique riders. But first, I would like to say THANK YOU for the 2008
season! You were an awesome team and all of you achieved huge goals that
everybody at Unicon 14 saw because luckily all 10 members of the 2008
team were able to take part. The 15 gold, 14 silver and 8 bronze medals
speak for itself, especially because 3 of the gold, 5 of the silver and
3 of the bronze medals were expert trophies! I won’t recount all
of the endless number of national achievements all the riders had, but
you can read about all of that information at the 'teams homepage'
( Hats off! All of you were fantastic! Now
lets take a look at the new team for 2009 which still includes 10 of the
riders that were so successful in 2006/07/08. These riders a 'Darja
Schlote (Germany)' (,
'Galina Ryom-Røjbek (Denmark)'
(, 'Julia
Doktorczyk (Germany)'
(, 'Luna Martin
(Denmark)' (, 'Maria
Wegscheider (Austria)'
(, 'Nikolaj Moestrup
(Denmark)' (, 'Daniel
Adelander (Sweden)' (,
'Elliot Hofman (France)'
(, 'Raphael Pöham
(Austria)' (, 'Johann3s
Burger (Germany)' (
For 2009 we happily welcome 'Isaac Steiner (Canada)'
(, 'Elias Pöham
(Austria)' ( and our
Special Guests: 'Adrien Delecroix (France)'
( und 'Joe Hodges
(England)' ( I think that
these are all really exciting new riders This is also the time send
a very big THANK YOU to our two main Sponsors: '*apex systeme*'
( and '**'
( Without them nothing would be possible! I
would also like to say thank you to our Co-Sponsors in Denmark and
Canada, '' ( and 'Bedford Unicycles'
( Also we would like to thank 'Kris
Holm Unicycles' ( and 'QU-AX' (
They must be mentioned here because they have always bees trusted
partners in the background of the team! It was and will be a pleasure
to work with all of you and I’m looking forward to an exciting Uni
year of 2009. Olaf team


'' (
'' (
'' (
'IUF' (
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