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On 05/07/18 02:48, jbeattie wrote:

You can buy Stages two-sided, if you're into accuracy, which may be an issue if you're switching between bikes or really concerned about accurate calorie burn numbers-- or are in some sort of competition with other riders (who may or may not be posting accurate power data). Otherwise, I think consistency is more important than accuracy. Spikes can be filtered with data ceilings, etc., but the spike my son had -- which was actually 1,732 watts is within the one second power output of Chris Hoy. It was recorded by having the right crank forward on a bumpy descent and not by massive quads, but the meter is just recording numbers accurately. It's not going to filter that out. Maybe he is Chris Hoy! You can download the data and apply filters later.

Is the crank position (cadence) sensor on the left crank and left chain

I wonder if the unit "thought" the cranks were rotating because the
rotation sensor recorded some jitter at the same time the load cell did?

To eliminate this by design, a better crank position sensor would help.
An encoder ring on the crank and sensor on the BB, for example. Then
you don't need to try to "fix" the data afterwards, which I always see
as a giant fudge for poor engineering design.


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