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Default Cyclists disrupt war memorial service again by ignoring roadclosure.

On 07.08.2017 00:08, Mr Pounder Esquire wrote:
TMS320 wrote:
On 06/08/17 15:57, JNugent wrote:
On 05/08/2017 16:21, TMS320 wrote:
On 05/08/17 14:14, JNugent wrote:
On 05/08/2017 09:35, TMS320 wrote:
On 04/08/17 16:21, MrCheerful wrote:

If they "came haring through" how come there was time to have a
conversation with them?

Perhaps the riders could have been more sensitive to the situation
but similarly there are many people that are over obsessed with
the idea there is some sort of difference between walking and
riding slowly.

Is there NO difference between walking and riding a bike, then?

Not when speed is similar.

So why not walk and show a bit of respect?

Do try to keep up.

And you wonder why pillocks such as yourself riding on kids toys are
detested by drivers, pedestrians, dogs, badgers, rats, mice, hamsters,
birdies, worms, cockroaches, giraffes, elephants etc.
Tell us all what it feels like to be so despised, detested, hated, scorned,
unloved and unwanted.
Tell us all what a lonely bellend on a bicycle feels about a wasted lonely
life riding a pedal bike.

And loving it.
´┐╝It really is a very great compliment to be called a pillock by YOU.
Especially by YOU.
And I have no ****ing interest in looking good in YOUR eyes.
After all I ride a ****ing bicycle.
And we all know what YOU think of bicyclists. You think they are the
****witted pits of humanity.
And because it is YOU who think that, that is an extremely great
We must be doing something right.
My kid's toy is a very convenient economical delightful viable means of
transport for many things.

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