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John Morgan
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Default Chain cleaning and lubrication questions

Rural QLD CC wrote:

Just curious to know what I should use to clean my chain with.**snip

There are thousands of posts on this subject in the archives.**Allow*me*to
sum it up for you: wipe your dirty chain down with an old rag.

Which leads me to my next question......after cleaning, what's the best
way to go about lubing the stuff I've cleaned?**snip

Apply a drop of the lube of your choice (dry lube for dry weather, wet lube
for wet weather) to each roller while rotating the drive in reverse, then
wipe the excess with said old rag.

But what about the derailleurs and sprockets?

Try Shimano HypoSpit for derailleurs and cables.. the needle point
applicator makes it a snap.**The*sprockets*need*no*lubrication*other*tha n
what is on the chain.

John M
(repost, as my news server seems to have dropped this)

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