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Default AG: Thursday's ride

On Wed, 13 Jun 2018 12:19:58 -0400, Frank Krygowski

And in bright sunlight, the
dappled shadows make it hard to see those potholes.

I was reminded of this conversation last Thursday. On my way to
Leesburg for frozen stuffed chicken breasts, I turned onto the
Chinworth Bridge Trail.

Actually, I crossed Zimmer Road after walking through the Zimmer
campus, changed from walking shoes to riding shoes while leaning
against the Mile Zero post, and remounted.

As I rode around the first curve, I reflected that I must be alert for
the trench across the trail just outside the fence around the
City-County Athletic Complex. I've been threatening to take Dave's
spray can of yellow paint with me and mark that trench, but even if
I'd thought of it, I wouldn't have wanted to haul a can of paint to
Leesburg and back.

Just far enough in to be concealed by the curve, there was a patch of
dappled shade the full width of the pavement. I'd been on the Trail
recently, and knew that the trench was the only notable flaw, but one
can't really count on that: witness Winona Avenue two or three weeks
ago, when I would have crashed, and might have fallen under the wheels
of a heavy vehicle, if I hadn't already had both hands on the brakes.
On Saturday, the hole in the "bike lane" was more dangerous than ever
because cars had splashed the gravel around, but I saw it sooner.

But that was the only such place on the whole trip, which Google Maps
says was nearly thirty miles. (28.2 miles, give or take five) There
were lots of trees, but either the shade was solid or it extended only
a little bit into the lane, so that I could ride around it.

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