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Default New bike for Jay

J, no diff tween alcohol n 'drugs'

people are alcoholics n die from what is SPECIFICALLY a poison.

Marijuana, heroin, morphine knowledge list ...are NOT poisonous.

people cannah hold their liquor nor drugs some die some recover.

itsa spectrum of human nature not morality.

however the cannah hold is extremely accelerated with 'drugs' lab developed near immediate blown effects for medicine where as CHOH esp scotch n soda, southern comfort ....require some hard work to arrive

its 75mph vs 160 .....

right Phillip Morris ? morality for the Civil War farmers n tobacco Co millionaires. Pity.

prob with altered consciousness drugs ... I assume opioids rank way high here ...

relieve OR ameliorate experience.

Ritalin is a workable bottom line for 'ameliorate.'

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