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Default western Provence in France

Edward Dolan wrote:
I do not think the average American will ever want to do what they are doing.

Of course not. The "average American" has roots growing out of his ass
from sitting in front of a television set watching idiotic sports while
the Missus brings him a never-ending supply of beer and snacks.

Cycling about France is just about the dumbest thing
I have ever heard (unless you are French of course).

Cycling in most any European country is a helluva lot of fun and you
get to see the countryside and experience the culture a lot more
intimately than you ever would on a canned holiday. If nothing else,
one's language skills are sharpened considerably when cycling alone out
in the countryside. Besides, "Si vous ne l'utilisez pas, vous le

I myself would never stoop to converse with any of the French since I
consider them all to be traitors to Western Civilization. Only such as Tom
Sherman of ARBR would ever want to go to France and actually converse with
them since he is like them in his political views.

LOL....some of the French are a helluva lot more pro-American than the
voters of Massachusetts and California g.




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