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Dave Head
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Default Twitchy Recumbents?

On Tue, 11 Dec 2012 15:55:43 +0000 (UTC), Rotorhead

Dave Head wrote:
Bought a used Bacchetta Giro. This bike is "twitchy", hard to ride in
a straight line. Maybe I'll get used to it, but I probably won't pass
30 mph no matter how much downhill I find, 'cuz its really scary. My
buddy, that rides 1000's of miles on DF's, rode it and it scared him

If I lose the sort of weight I intend to, I'll get a better bike, but
it may be a trike... maybe they'll go down the road a little

Recommend you take your request over to Bent Rider Online: just google it.
There are lots of people over there with experience with your kind of
'bent, who can and will help.

Most people will tend to over control when first riding a bent. It should
subside with a few miles of riding.

This newsgroup is pretty much dormant. A shame really, since it used to be
a great place for information exchange. Then some people made it a very
unpleasant place to hang out, and the newsgroup died.

Best of luck to you.


Yeah, the newsgroups are fading mostly, with a few pockets of serious
activity. Programming language newsgroups still seem to be doing OK,
even Ada, and there's a movie review newsgroup that still gets lots of
posts. I am unimpressed by forums on the web, since you have to keep
remembering to check into them to get the latest. I think I'm going
to check my Yahoogroups for some bent groups, too, since that comes
right in the e-mail.

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