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Default Twitchy Recumbents?

On 12/11/2012 11:17 AM, kimble wrote:
On 10/12/12 21:52, Dave Head wrote:
Bought a used Bacchetta Giro. This bike is "twitchy", hard to ride in
a straight line. Maybe I'll get used to it, but I probably won't pass
30 mph no matter how much downhill I find, 'cuz its really scary. My
buddy, that rides 1000's of miles on DF's, rode it and it scared him

Odd. On the one occasion I tried a Giro (that was far too big for me,
so I was slouching down in the seat and pedalling with tiptoes), I found
it to be astoundingly stable, even at pedestrian speeds.

I did ride an Aerocycle once, and it was so twitchy I was scared of
crashing. And this was after putting in more than 10,000 miles on a
RANS Rocket and Earth Cycles Sunset, both of which are quick handling
but not twitchy.

On the other hand, I have had very experienced upright riders *not* be
able to ride the Rocket - you cannot manhandle a SWB 'bent they way many
ride uprights.

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