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On Mon, 30 Jul 2018 14:45:40 -0700, sltom992 wrote:

Kill filing is hardly effective when everyone else is quoting you in
their posts.

At that stage you just killfile the morons that quote morons.

Improves the signal to noise ratio.

Who cares about the signal to noise ratio. Kill filing always arises out of
being disagreed with and is usually followed by a few harsh words, as if
words can hurt us. Morons have a right to their thoughts also. The real
problem is that kill filers take communication among anonymous posters on
social media way too serious. Think of it as fun and games and you will
never go wrong - and you will never kill file anyone. The only exceptions I
can think of is if you are getting threats of physical violence. Then it is
time to kill file the dumb *******!

I think I have been blocked (banned) from at least a dozen arts channels on
YouTube from making comments. Why? Because I disagreed with some sissified
jerk who thinks his opinions are sacred. Mostly such types just want their
asses kissed and to be told how wonderful they are. They are not up for an
argument. Such types should not make their channels available for comments
to begin with. In any event, whenever I am blocked, I consider it a victory.
I not only got the last word, but the best word. But screw all these
sensitive sissified cowardly blockers all the way to Hell and back! The
should stay off of social media.

Ed Dolan - Minnesota


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